2020 has been an eventful year, to put it mildly. This year brought with it a slew of challenges and changes to life as we know it. It’s been especially hard as far as mental health is concerned. Adopting newer ways of life have not only led to anxiety but also stress related to newer ways of working.

Here are nine New Year’s Resolutions to adopt in 2021 for mental well-being.

9 Mental Health New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

  1. Make Time For Self Care:
    With the world moving back into action, it’s hard to find the time to take a moment off and care for ourselves and our mental health. Make sure you take some time out to do the things that help you feel more centered and in-tune with yourself.
  2. Get Your Daily Dose of Exercise & Physical Activity:
    The lockdown and being-stuck-at-home feeling has impacted our mental health for a number of reasons, lack of physical activity, being one of them. Studies have shown a clear link between physical activity and mental well-being. So make sure you engage in some sort of exercise, sport or physical activity regularly.
    9 Mental Health New Year’s Resolutions for 2021
  3. Get Some Sleep:
    Skimping on sleep is one of the major ways in which we compromise on our mental and emotional well-being. Poor sleep can affect our emotions, ability to focus and our mental health. Lack of sleep can also enhance the physical symptoms of stress. In 2021, make sure your body and mind get the rest they deserve.
  4. Be Kind to Your Mind:
    Don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and try to make your inner-dialogue more positive. Of course, there are certain instances where positivity harms more than it helps.
    Instead of forcing positivity, allow yourself the freedom to feel the emotions you feel and do not shun them away. Try being understanding and compassionate to yourself. Avoid putting yourself down or holding yourself to unrealistically high standards.
    You are doing your best, and that’s what counts.
  5. Stay Present:
    Do not fret on matters of the past or worry about what’s to come. Focus on what you are doing in the present and just allow yourself to be. Mindfulness works wonders for mental health.
  6. Unplug and Switch Off:
    Being bombarded with information and updates from the internet and social media takes its toll on your mental health. If you find it getting too much, make sure you unplug. If switching off and taking a step back from social media helps you with stress management, then it’s definitely something you should be doing more often.
  7. Express Yourself:
    Don’t bottle up your emotions or shy away from expressing your feelings. Expressing yourself is a great way to process your own emotions and also nourish and improve your relationships with others. Journaling, art, dance or simply a long phone call with a friend are great ways to express yourself and your emotions.
  8. Build Habits & Form a Routine:
    Routine can be an anchor that keeps us from getting swept away in the uncertainty and turmoil of life. Routine helps manage work stress, exam stress or other such factors. Amongst it all, we can find comfort in a daily evening walk, or a night-time skin-care routine.
  9. Learn More About Mental Health:
    The more you know, the better equipped you are to help yourself and others who could use a hand, or a shoulder. In 2021, make it a point to understand and learn more about mental health. You can do this by reading up on, and researching mental health, or listening to a word of advice from experts, or attending some seminars and sessions to educate yourself.

We hope these resolutions help you improve your mental wellbeing and take care of yourself better. Here’s wishing you a safe, happy and healthy new year 2021!

2020 has been an eventful year, to put it mildly. This year brought with it a slew of challenges and changes to life as we know it. It’s been hard on humanity as a whole, and especially on our mental health.